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February 12th, 2017    


  • Humbleness – is a teaching about learning humility, and walking humbly before God and our Lord Christ Jesus. This world have taught us how to be prideful, arrogant, and selfish. So when we are lead to follow Jesus, we struggle because there is no humbleness within us. But thank be to God he does not leave us this way, through his power and the work of the Holy Spirit we can put to death our pride and arrogance and seek the Lord with a humble heart. Only through humbleness will God hear our prayers, only through humbleness will God answer our needs, only with a humble heart can we faithfully serve God

February 6th, 2017    

Following Jesus

  • Following Jesus – is a teaching about making sure we are not following the wrong person in seeking God. We have to understand the times we live in, the Word of God says deceivers and false teachers will be numerous in these last days. Their lie’s, their greed, and their lifestyle will mark them. For those who are seeking salvation and eternal life, there is only one person we can follow, and that is Christ Jesus. He is the only one who knows the way, he is the truth and the light, the only one we can lead and guide us into the Kingdom of God

January 22nd, 2017    

God’s Grace

  • God’s Grace – is a teaching about living under the Grace of God. We must learn to appreciate and honor God’s Grace, and not live our lives in vain. We honor God by following his Word, his Son, and the working of the Holy Spirit as we are transformed and changed under the protection of God’s Grace. It’s important we agree with God’s Word, that grace is not meat so you and I can go on sinning, but to give us time to learn of God, to overcome, and put sin to death in our bodies by Christ’s redeeming power at work in us.

January 15th, 2017    

Our Refuge

  • Our Refuge – is a teaching about learning to depend on God as our refuge, and not ourselves. Truly believing that only God the Father, through Christ Jesus can protect and guide us through. Even though our faith may not be strong, even though our body may not be well, even though our money may be short, only by taking refuge in Christ Jesus can you and I experience what God is offering us when we seek and take refuge in him. No other place, no other person, no other religion can offer us a refuge filled with love, peace, joy, and contentment like the refuge we find in Jesus

January 8th, 2017    

The Veil

  • The Veil – is a teaching about recognizing that no matter who we are, what position we in, or what title we hold, each one of us have at one time or another worn a veil. We have to understand the purpose of veils, it’s the very tools we use to try to cover up what we do in the dark, against other, and before God. We have to get every veil that is covering our faces removed, whether it’s a veil of religion, falsehood, selfishness, lies, greed, pleasure, or sexual lifestyle have to be removed, so with unveil faces we can approach God in truth.

December 28th, 2016    

In Our Weakness

  • In Our Weakness – is a teaching about recognizing our weakness, and learning to depend on God’s strength. We must be open about our weaknesses so we can be strong in Christ Jesus. Unfortunately, we don’t accept people who have weaknesses as someone who is able to teach us. We fool ourselves into thinking that a person who has it all together have no weaknesses because they have fame and money. But we all have weaknesses, and it is through the confession and acknowledgment of our weaknesses that God is able to demonstrate his love, power, and strength in our lives.

November 28th, 2016    

We Are Not Listening To God

  • We Are Not Listening – is a teaching about us getting back to living our lives in a way that allows us to be in a position to better listen to God. Even those who have been in ministry for a long time still needs to be listening to God. We are living in an environment where everything we see, hear, desire, and do has a way for turning us away from listening to God. We are not listening to His Word, to His Son, nor to His Spirit. Yes we go to church, yes we hear the message, and yes we sometimes read God’s Word. But we are listening and apply what we hear to our lives. Therefore it is impacting how much God listens and answers us when we call on his name.

November 14th, 2016    

By Faith

  • By Faith– is a teaching about encouraging us to not only learn how to walk by faith, but for us to increase and grow our faith, for it is by faith that you and I will be blessed by God. We can pray, we can pay offering, we can seek a religious person to help us, but if there is no faith, then there is nothing in us by which God can work in our lives. By faith you and I are healed, by faith we are allowed into the presence of God, by faith we have been saved, by faith our prayers will be answered, and it’s by faith we will enter into the kingdom of God

November 7th, 2016    

My Shield And Rock

  • My Shield And Rock – is a teaching about understanding where our protection really comes from. We work hard to put things in place to protect us and our families. But there are many things in life that either we won’t have enough money, or the trouble is bigger than any amount of money we could ever have. It’s only then we decide to seek the Lord. But God wants to be our shield and our rock, in all conditions, in all situations, and at all times. Many of our troubles could be avoided if we allow the Lord to always be our protections, to always be our shield, and to always be the rock in which we always stand.

November 2nd, 2016    

Mental and Spiritual Separation

  • Mental and Spiritual Separation – is a teaching about understanding how God views separation. It encourages us to make sure that we build our relationships with each other and with God based on his truth so there is no mental or spiritual separation. It’s important that our relationships are established based on love, so when we get off the path, or when issues come up in our relationships, we can always turn and remember the truth and love that we established our relationship on, so separation never occurs between each other, or between us and God.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

October 25th, 2016    

Seek And You WIll Find

• Seek And You Will Find – Once it is put upon our heart to come to Jesus, we begin our journey of seeking God. Unfortunately, some of us start to seek God in a way where we will never find him. Instead of seeking God through his Word, Son, and Spirit we seek God through the world, entertainment, music, and dance. Therefore we are unable to enter into God’s presence as he would want us to do. We must seek the Lord in his prescribed way so we can find our way to his throne. If we can find God, we will be healed, we will be blessed, and we will be guided into God’s presence.


October 9th, 2016    

Only God Can

· Only God Can – In almost all situations, we like to think a lot about ourselves and our abilities. That is just the way life has taught us to think, its only when we have lived for a while that we start to see that there are many things that are well beyond our abilities and intelligent to comprehend and resolve. Only then, do we come to an understanding that only God the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus can do all things. It’s only then that we look beyond ourselves so we are able to preserve God and who he is, and what he can do. Because only God Can!


September 26th, 2016    

Beleive and Trust

·    Believe and Trust – Since the time we come of age, we have been taught to believe and trust in many things, including ourselves. Many of us have spent hours in church listening to what we should believe and trust in to save our soul. So our faith in God the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus is based on what others have taught us to believe and trust in. But for us to ensure our faith and our beliefs are in-line with God’s Word, His Son, and His Spirit, we have to allow the Holy Spirit to examine what we believe and trust in. Many of us may have some wrong understandings about some things of God, therefore what we believe and trust in, is not all from God. This will take a humble person, not many of us are willing to allow such an examination to take place, because we assume what someone taught us, is what God has spoken, but what if that is not the case?


September 11th, 2016    

No Turning Back

·    No Turning Back – is a teaching about us accepting Christ Jesus as our master and Lord, accepting our part in doing God’s Will, and never turning back. We can’t allow the things of this world to turn us around, we can’t allow sickness to turn us away, and we can’t allow life’s disappointments to turn us back to this world, back to sin.We have come too far to turn around now, we can’t go back to our old ways. The Lord has called us to put our hands on the plow and do his work, if we look back, we will become unfit to serve in the kingdom of God.  We must move forward, every day is a new day to take one more step towards God.


September 4th, 2016    

Power Of Revelations

·    Power Of Revelations – is a teaching about how we can be in Christ Jesus and still be enlighten through revelations so we can understand God’s plan for our lives and the lives of others. We have to be careful during these last days, as the Word of God has already revealed, mankind will be speaking of revelations even though God has not sent them into the world. They will not be revealing the things of Christ, but they will reveal that which glorifies themselves and their motives. We know Christ will only speak revelations he received from the Father's so we can receive, many be touched, and God's Will be done 


August 29th, 2016    

Blessings In Giving

·    Blessings InGiving – is a teaching about learning to be givers. Almost every day we send up prayers to God asking him to bless us in one way or another. When blessings don’t come, we cry out to God why? When blessings docome, instead of us doing what the Word of God teaches us to do, which is to give and share, we spend what we get on ourselves and pleasure. We don’t understand that inside of every blessing that the Lord give us there is a teaching about sharing and giving, but we don’t receive the teaching. God wants you and I to be givers, so that his blessings will touch the lives of many.  


August 21st, 2016    

Being Misled

·    Being Misled – is a teaching about how we are being misled, and how sometimes we allow ourselves to be misled. We are living in a time that the Word of God prophesied about. A time when evil and sin will prevail upon the earth, and mislead many. We are living in a time the Word of God calls itching ear preaching, drawing many to chase after the world. We need to wake up and examine what we believe, those who are teaching us, and those we are following, so we are not lead astray. We don’t want to stand before Christ, and he tells us nothing we believed in came from what the Father spoke, or he revealed.   


August 7th, 2016    

God’s Love

·    God’s Love – is ateaching about the difference between God’s kind of love, and the world’s kindof love. On the outside it may seem that they are the same, but it’s only whenwe start getting involved, when we allow others to demonstrate their kind oflove, and we demonstrate our kind of love that we start to see the difference.The world’s kind of love is filled with selfishness, greed, it’s boastful,pride, and ignorant. When the world’s kind of love is done, it leaves behind alot of pain, hurt, disappointment, and anger. God’s Love is peaceful, built ontrust, it protects, it endures, it overcomes, it forgiving, and it’s merciful.God’s kind of love make a relationship strong as a Rock!


July 31st, 2016    

Have We Not Heard

·    Have We Not Heard – most of us were raised going to church, and being taught a particular type of religious doctrine. But Christ is asking us have we not heard the Word of God for ourselves, have we not heard what he spoke and revealed that came from the Father?   Have we not heard what God says about our lifestyle, have we not heard how God feels about us rejecting his Word? Have we not heard what God says about us living in sin? What you and I are going to be judged on, is what the Lord has spoken and revealed. We won’t have any excuses, we won’t be able to say we have not heard the Lord. God knows exactly what you and I know about his Word, we won’t be able to deny what we know about God the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus.


July 24th, 2016    

A Relationship WIth God

·    A Relationship WithGod – is a teaching about how we need to work on building a relationship with God. Just like starting any relationship, it will take time to build a relationship with God based on faith, trust, love, devotion, his Spirit and Son. God the Father wants us to have a Holy and personal relationship with him through his Son Christ Jesus. We can’t develop a false relationship with God, based on lies, fear, immorality, lust, or deception and think that it will stand. We have to want a true and real relationship with God through Christ.  


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