Being Set Free

  • Being Set Free – is a teaching about understanding how things in this world still has the ability to keep us bound so we are unable to fully serve the Lord. Even though we are Christians that within itself does not set us free. We have to not only accept Christ Jesus, we have to allow the work of the Holy Spirit to break ever chain that bounds us, so we can be truly free to live, free to love, free to worship, and free to share. It does not matter what binds us, whether its anger, jealous, rage, bitterness, un-forgiveness, adultery, immoral sexuality, greed, feeling unloved, bad behavior, worldly thinking, obsession with riches, or trying to be important. We all are bound by something, and we need to be set free. The Father is offering us a way to be free, we must accept Christ Jesus and be led by the Spirit so each one of us can be set free from it all. It’s a journey with Christ, so every wall in our lives come down, and every chain is truly broken.
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