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June 11th, 2018    

Spiritual Maturity

  • Spiritual Maturity – we are called by the Lord to mature in his will and way, we are called to be set apart for the Lord and not for ourselves. This requires growing to the point where we reach spiritual maturity through Christ Jesus. It’s not through our understanding, nor our interpretation of God’s Word that we mature. It’s through us believing, obeying, and following God Words that leads us into spiritual maturity by the Spirit. If we desire spiritual maturity with God, it’s about a righteous walk with Christ Jesus, were everything is laid bare. Freeing us from everything that is of the world so we can be one with the Lord, so we can be spiritual mature and properly handle the things of God, so we and others can receive.




May 21st, 2018    

Spiritual Blindness

  • Spiritual Blindness – as we mature in the Lord, we have to watch out that worldly things, or religious things don’t cause us to become spiritual blind. Many of us think that we can see, now that we have accepted Christ as our Savior. But we didn’t become blind overnight, and we will not be able to see clearly overnight. Slowly by walking with Christ, our eyes will be opened so we can see. Open to things in us that is keeps us in spiritual blindness because we mix the Word of God with worldly or religious things and call them God’s Truth. But when we are able to keep the things of God pure and holy, we will be able to clearly see through the light of Christ Jesus which reveals our faults and how the glory of the Lord sets us free from what keeps us blind. God wants you and I to have spiritual sight so we can see and hear him clearly.

May 14th, 2018    

It All Belongs To God

It All Belongs To God – is a teaching about giving all the glory to God, and keeping none for ourselves. As the Lord blesses us, pouring into our lives, we can’t get confused about who deserves the glory. We may think that we have come up with some new ideas or created something new, or come up with some new knowledge, but God is the creator of all things, not us. God is source of all things and understanding, everything good comes from the Lord, so let us be faithful in giving the Father all the glory through Christ Jesus. It all belongs to God. For God is the creator of all things, nothing formed was formed of itself. We belong to God and not to ourselves, lets mature in our thinking of the Lord and who we are in him.


May 7th, 2018    

Being Purified

  • Being Purified – is about us understanding the need to be purified by the Lord. God wants you and I purified, because he knows we live in a world full of sin. We come to the Lord asking him to wipe away our sins and because of his faithfulness he forgives us. The sooner you and I can learn to walk in purification and sanctification of God the Father through Christ Jesus the harder it will be for us to turn from the Lord and stain ourselves with sin again and again. This calls for maturity in Christ so we are made whole in the Lord, able to take on the full measure of Christ Jesus. Able to remain purified before the Lord, able to serve him with a pure heart, because we walk before him with clean hands and a pure heart. We have been set apart and purified by the blood of Jesus

April 30th, 2018    

Spiritual Journey

  • Spiritual Journey– is a teaching about being called into a spiritual journey with the Lord that takes a life time to complete. On this journey we not only come to know the Lord better, but we will come to know ourselves deeply. This journey will change so many things about us, things that we never would have seen otherwise. If we devote ourselves to God’s teachings we will reach the end of our journey approved by God. We will experience some amazing things in Christ, as he strengthens us, and we come to trust in the Father and our Lord Christ Jesus, being blessed in every way. As the Lord reveals to us his purpose of our lives, and we reach the highest level in our spiritual walk with God.

April 23rd, 2018    

A LIfe Of Salvation - Part II

  • Life of Salvation - Part II – this is the second part of a two part series in teaching what it means to live a Life of Salvation. Salvation is one of the reason we surrendered our lives to Christ, it contains promises God said he would grant us if we are faithful, endure, and remain obedient to his Word, Son, and Spirit. As we exercise and workout our salvation, we need to live a life worthy of God’s Salvation. Which means we have to reach the point of maturity that God’s Word teaches and inspires us to strive to achieve while in this life.  It’s a life of eternity with God, experiencing his fullness in all of his glory. Salvation is worth more than prosperity and riches, there is no human value we can place on it. It is the ultimate reward God is offering us through Christ Jesus.

April 16th, 2018    

Life of Salvation - Part I

  • Life of Salvation - Part I – this is the first part of a two part series in teaching what it means to live a Life of Salvation. What should be different in our lives if we are walking in God’s Salvation? Can we lose our salvation, and how do we maintain our salvation? Salvation is a very interesting teaching, because many of us think we can choose salvation later in life, while living as we please for the moment. We like to put off salvation, but we don’t know the hour or the day, therefore salvation is something each one of us needs to be walking in today.

April 9th, 2018    

God Cares

  • God Cares – Is a teaching about knowing that God cares for you and I no matter what we are going through, or what difficulty experience we are having in life. We will all be tested, so going through tough times is not a sign that God does not care for us. In fact, it’s when we call on his name in the middle of our tough times that he indeed demonstrates just how great his love is, and how much he cares for those who love him and walk upright before him. Through his love he sustains us, forgives us, shows us mercy, and grants us more grace. God cares more that we could ever imagine, through the death and life of his Son, the loving and caring ways of God was shown to us all.

April 2nd, 2018    

The Joy of the Lord

The Joy of the Lord– There is nothing like the Joy of the Lord. We all want joy, peace, and happiness in our lives. We have searched the world for it, we thought we found it, but they let us down. We might have thought we found in within ourselves, but we came to understand our weakness. We are made to experience joy and love in our lives, but sometimes it seems so fleeting. It’s only when you and I come to experience the inexpressible Joy of God that we receive everlasting joy. The Lord’s Joy overflows in our hearts and is made complete by the work of the Holy Spirit, it’s so wonderful. The world can’t give it, and the world can’t take it away.


March 26th, 2018    

God’s Favor

  • God’s Favor – It’s no until you and I tap into God’s Favor that we begin to experience all that the Lord has for us. We have to seek God’s Favor so it surrounds us, delivers us, and protects us. It’s in God’s Favor that we see his glory over shadowing our lives, and it’s in God’s Favor that we see his wonders at work in our lives. We can’t clam God’s Favor, we have to seek it by walking in the footsteps of Christ Jesus. God wants to cloth us in his favor, but it requires faithfulness on our part. God’s Favor is so awesome, it is available for all who are in Christ Jesus; it flows from Christ into those who seek and love the Lord.

March 19th, 2018    

Growing Under Grace

  • Growing Under Grace – Is a teaching about God’s amazing grace, and how we were so far away from God until he extended his grace and mercy towards us. God being gracious and merciful is a part of who God is, and when he sent his Son into the world, he filled our Lord with all grace and wisdom so Christ would be gracious and merciful to us. We must take the time God grants us to grow our faith, and not continue to cover ourselves in sin. God has giving us an amazing opportunity to grow under his grace, we can’t waste the grace the Lord has given us. Let us grow and mature under the Grace of God while we have time. His Grace is an amazing experience, no amount of money can buy it.

March 12th, 2018    

Be Courageous

  • Be Courageous – this is a teaching about how you and I need to be courageous for the Lord as we work on our salvation, growing into maturity as the Lord changes things in our lives. Where this world is heading there will be less and less people truly seeking and walking according to God’s Word. The Lord needs bold and courageous servants who will carry out his will, and not a servant who is concerned about their livelihood. The Lord needs courageous soldiers who will stand up for his spoken word. Let us humble ourselves before the mighty power of God so he will strengthen us so we can be bold and courageous for him.

March 5th, 2018    

Don’t Give Up

  • Don’t Give Up – Is a teaching about how we need to grow our faith in a way that no matter what comes we will not give up, we will not turn from God. God’s Word teaches us that our faith will be tested, that we have to show ourselves approved. We all will undergo testing, our faith will be challenged to determine if we are standing on the rock of Christ Jesus. We must grow, we can’t give up. God wants all of us to be saved. The Father sent his Son to make a way, so we can be encouraged even in our darkest moments. God won’t give up on us, and we can’t give up on God.

February 26th, 2018    

Putting God First

  • Putting God First - This teaching is about always putting God first in our lives. Even when life and relationships press against us, we still need to have faith to put God first. It doesn’t matter the reason we are not putting God first, he requires and demands that we come to him first in all situations and circumstance; before we listen to ourselves or others. We all have to see how we consistently put things before God, we do it every day. We cannot live outside of God’s Will as Christians, therefore we need to be discipline in our faith and inquire of God all the time, bringing everything before him, so he will bless us.

February 19th, 2018    

Who’s Driving

  • Who’s Driving – this teaching is about looking at our lives and determining who is really driving, even though we are Christians. The question is, are you still driving or have you fully surrendered yourself to Christ. Who is in control of your desires, motives, thinking, plans, your tongue, and what you do with your body? Is it You or God? This is so important to our spiritual grow, because we cannot grow if we are still in control, and have not surrender control to God. If we are still in control, there won’t be much difference between us and those of the world.

February 12th, 2018    

Sustainable Faith

  • Sustainable Faith – this teaching is about how we need to grow and stop taking time off from God the Father and Christ Jesus. Many of us tend to disconnect from our faith based on what we are going through, this gives the devil an opportunity to attack us. We need to increase our faith where it reaches a level where it sustains us all day and night. When there are no breaks in our faith, we won’t go through the struggle of disconnecting and reconnecting with Christ based on what’s going on in our lives. If we can sustain our faith in God, he will sustain us, be a shield to us, and allow us to walk in his presence.

February 3rd, 2018    

God Is With Us

  • God is With Us – This teaching is to encourage those seeking God to continue working on your salvation. Christ Jesus told us that in this world we are going to have trouble, but take heart he has overcome the world. If we remain faithful, we can have confidence that God is with us all the way to the end. He is there for us through all life troubles. We don’t have to be afraid, we don’t have to shrink back, and we don’t have to transgress against God. We can have faith that God is faithful to those who love him, who believe in his Son, who trust in him, who receive his Spirit, and who obey his Word and Ways.

January 29th, 2018    

Being Changed

  • Being Changed – Is a teaching about not looking for others to change first, but letting the Holy Spirit show us what God’s wants to change about us. This is not an easy step in growing our faith. We tend not want to examine ourselves, but examine others. But for us to grow in the Lord, we must allow the change that is needed in our lives to take place, allowing the Spirit to change any and everything that needs changing. It could be our talk, our walk, our behavior. or the way we act. We must welcome the changing power of God into our lives so we can grow in Christ Jesus.

January 22nd, 2018    

Truly Devoted

  • Truly Devoted – This is a teaching to encourage each believer to become more devoted to God. There are a lot of things in this world and in our personal lives that can keep us from being fully devoted to God. But if you and I desire to receive blessings and God’s promises then we have to live a devoted life to God, there is no other option. God requires that we devoted ourselves to him, and to serve Him only! We know how to devote ourselves to things of the world, now it’s time to use that same effort in our devotion to God.

January 15th, 2018    

Not My Will, But Yours

  • Not My Will, But Yours – Is a teaching about coming to recognize the difference between God’s Will and ours. Especially after we have become a Christian and start serving the Lord, we can make the mistake that whatever we think or do is God’ Will. But we can only come to know God’s Will by him revealing it to us, therefore we need to keep seeking his will in every walk of our faith and journey in becoming a mature Christian. We need to have the same attitude as Christ, not my will Father, but yours.

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